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 Additives for Agricultural Films

There are a wide range of additives used in agricultural films like greenhouse film, mulch films and etc. These additives are Anti-UV Additive, Infrared additive (IR), Polymer Processing Aid (PPA), Anti-Static Additive and Anti-Fog Additive

BOPP Film Masterbatches

Paya Polymer Dana, has established itself as the first Iranian company supplying high volume, general-purpose and specialty masterbatches for BOPP film manufacturers. We offer a wide range of additives and masterbatches for the manufacturers of BOPP films, which satisfies most BOPP application requirements, including white masterbatches, antiblock, antistatics, slips, antifog additives and etc

Bio Additives

During the recent years, increasing public concern over plastic waste accumulation resulted the mounting demand for environment-friendly plastics. This issue conducted Paya Polymer Dana toward making bio additives which are used for general purpose plastics like plastic films and unworthy-to-recycle plastic products

Non-Woven Masterbatches

Regarding to the changing needs of customers, Paya Polymer Dana is engaged in offering an extensive range of Non-Woven Masterbatches. The offered product is distinguished by its high quality and easy to change color. This product is available both as per the industry standards and as per the need of the application.


Paya Polymer Dana, established in 2005,  manufactures polymer additives and white masterbatches  at a capacity of 12000 MTS/year  and is located in Eyvanakei Industrial Zone on the eastern outskirts of Tehran. The key knowledge and master of art technology is in supplying BOPP film manufacturers with white and additive masterbatches like antistatic, slip and antiblocks.

UV additives MB are also produced for Greenhouse films. Our range of products could be tailor made according to the application demand and customized based on different polymer carriers